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The Political Biography provides insight into why the candidate is running for office.
    The political biography explains
  1. who the candidate is,
  2. what are his qualiifications, and
  3. why he is running for public office.

The political biography may be divided into several different web pages to enhance its readability and load time. It should be loaded with photographs, captions, and subheadlines providing emphasis and reinforcement to the candidate's qualifications.

Except in the rarest of circumstances, the overwhelming majority of the voters in the district will never have heard of your candidate. In the minds of the overwhelming majority of voters, he is a blank slate. You are going to create and define his identity.

If I had my choice, we would start writing this section approximately eight years before the election date. This would give me the opportunity to involve the candidate in all the right local activities. In addition, I would photograph him in all the right situations with all the right people.

Like it or not, you are going to be stuck with whatever it is that your candidate has done in the past. If there is a skeleton in his closet, the time to get it out is very early in the campaign. The majority of bad life experiences and choices can be used as a positive base upon which to build.

When writing the political biography, words give you substance. Photographs and videos humanize you. Tell your life story in both words and pictures.










Revised May 20, 2008